Wednesday, May 5, 2021


“Look!” he cries,
eyes wide, finger pointing off into the distance,
words temporarily failing him
as to what exactly I should be regarding,
and I obey his command,
look in the direction his trembling finger is pointing,
and I don’t see anything out of the ordinary,
just green grass in need of a mowing,
large shrubs, a rusty wire fence,
and a mostly empty parking lot just behind it,
and that is all I see.

I wouldn’t say that my eyesight is the best.
Without my thick glasses, my world is blurry and formless,
like the beginning of Genesis, 
before God started separating seas and firmaments and whatnot.
Even with my glasses, 
I can’t read street signs at a great distance.
Coupled with my hearing, 
which must be at least slightly impaired
after years of rock concerts with no thought of ear protection,
I make my way through the world mainly with educated guesses
of what someone has just said to me,
or what has been placed in front of my face for my inspection.

“Do you see it?” he asks.
“Er…yes,” I lie, wanting to change the subject,
“Yes, I do,”
but he doesn’t believe me and says,
with greater urgency now,
After a moment, I shrug helplessly,
and he says, “It was a bird,
But it’s flown off now.”
And now I think I know what he was talking about,
not that I really saw the bird,
just the past tense of a movement,
a flash of brilliant blue.

Kalahari Desert

An impossible tree
stands on its own
behind the tangerine dunes.
The tree stretches its bare, black limbs
to touch the cloudless azure sky.
Its roots run deep in the golden sand,
deep enough where it might be cool and wet
and nourishing.
But the tree has no leaves or blossoms.
It looks like a piece of driftwood,
as though it stands proudly in this desert purely by chance.
The branches cast ominous shadows on the ground,
like the spindly legs of enormous spiders,
and you might not even believe it was really there.

(inspired by the pic found at the top of the page here)

Tankas from Outer Space

The planet looming
before you glows tranquil blue.
Peaceful ocean world
oasis except you would
be breathing pure methane gas.

How many Earths and
moons and Saturns and Neptunes
circle yellow stars
millions of light years away,
out of our sight and our reach?

I have a basic
Star Trek understanding of
outer space. If it
fits my dramatic purpose,
then I assume it exists.