Wednesday, January 17, 2018


Where to begin?
Burnt out light bulbs that need changing
in light fixtures that need to be rewired.
A washing machine with a broken door lock latch.
A couch with a busted recliner,
the same one with the stains
that gets a daily tongue bath from the dogs.
A hole in the drywall in the hall.
A towel rack that fell off the upstairs bathroom wall.
Dents in our garage door panels
(our Association could write us a stern letter about that one).
A large red coffee mug with a broken handle,
but I’m saving it because I’ve been meaning to glue it back together.
A mattress with a large valley in the center,
exacerbated by Cleo running and leaping onto the bed at 30 mph every day.
The little things you have to ignore
or step around
or jerry-rig.
The little things we’ll get around to fixing

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