Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Recurring Dream

I have had the same dream so often it
feels like a lived reality.  For
some reason I have to go back to school—
elementary school or high school, even
though in the dream I am an adult.  The
main problem is that I must
take some kind of major test,
but I haven’t been
to class or studied in weeks.  Or I have to
open my locker but have no idea where it is or
what the combination would
be.  I wander the hallways, bereft,
cause I don’t know where my classes
are or the order of my schedule.  
And an interesting thing about
stress dreams is that no one else in the school
seems to notice this completely lost, over-aged student.
I am isolated:
a hot mess in my real life and when I’m asleep.

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