Wednesday, February 28, 2018


I believe that names are very important
and reflect critical aspects of your personality.
For example, I am leery of naming a dog “Loki,”
for fear that he would delight in creating chaos.
A toddler named “Nero” would be a frightening creature indeed.
Does the name make a person or does the person find the right name?
Is a christening a matter of mystical fate or a happy/unhappy accident?

What my name says about me, I don’t know.
My mother had some dreary suggestions for me,
Llke “Dawn Marie.”  But my older brother had other ideas:
named me after two ‘70s TV stars—Karen Valentine and Michelle Lee.
This may come as a surprise, but
I’m not a glamorous actress
with gloriously feathered hair and bell bottoms

Karen is a Danish variation of “Katherine,” I believe,
which is derived from the Greek for “pure and unsullied.”
I can’t imagine that anyone over 40 feels very wholesome and immaculate.
Karen is not a trendy 2018 baby name,
but it’s not quite a grandma name, like Helen or Gladys.
It’s more like the name of your craziest aunt,
so I guess it fits me pretty well after all.

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