Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Interstellar Medium

All alone, not even visible in your sky,
as I knew I would be.
Drifting slowly,
the lack of gravity cushions me.
I stare out the window at an endless sea
of black dotted with white stars much older than I.

I lost communications with Earth years ago.
I was a young man when I first walked in here,
able, whip-smart, strong, without fear.
A family photo and a stuffed dog, my only souvenirs.
I know she cried when she watched me disappear.
Sometimes I dream we’re back together in Chicago.

The ship’s computer is my only friend.
We have no mission or direction.
I have a strange pain now in my abdomen;
my eyes dim and my limbs weaken.
Everyone must die; I am no exception.
I close my eyes and ascend.

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