Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Suburban Blessing

May a parking spot open up by Nordstrom’s
the first time you drive by the mall.
May the barista get your drink order right.
And may you wind up in front of the large group
of preteen girls who are giggly and indecisive
and order complicated rainbow-colored Frappuccinos.
May your grocery store have more than one lane open,
and may the people in front of you not argue
about expired coupons or write out checks.
And when you get home, may the teenage gearhead
across the street who works on his crappy little car
more than Michelangelo worked on the Sistine Chapel
and who has obviously never heard of a muffler
give it a rest for one freaking night.
May the screaming kids next door be at peace.
May they choose not to kick a soccer ball
against the side of your home.
May the weirdo neighbor who has conspiracy theories
about the homeowners’ association board
just smile and nod as you walk by.
May your spouse know what he wants to eat for dinner.
Or even better, may he have already cooked it
when you walk in the door.

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