Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Why Kevin Ultimately Stayed in That Horrible Marriage (A Fictional Love Story)

Because of his two kids, one of whom had just turned three
Because he was pretty sure Lauren would turn the kids against him if he left
Because they still had $300,000 left on the mortgage
Because they had $80,000 in credit card debt
Because they still owed $25,000 on one of the cars
Because they had already booked that nonrefundable vacation
Because Lauren cried every time he brought up divorce
Because he cried every time Lauren brought up divorce
Because his mother wouldn’t understand why
Because what was he supposed to do, go home to some empty apartment every night?
Because Lauren was drinking more wine than she should
Because he was tired at the end of the day and didn’t want to think about it
Because his sister would flaunt her perfect goddamn life in his face
Because they started making appointments with some pastor for counseling
Because at the end of the day, he likes me a lot but doesn’t really love me
Because after that pregnancy scare, he felt really trapped
Because he’s worried about our boss finding out
Because he’s worried about Lauren finding out
Because I got drunk that one time and made fun of the Dave Matthews Band
Because I’m still young, and there’s a lot I just don’t understand about life yet

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