Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Vivienne's New Manager

You don’t have to be some kind of brain surgeon,
but it helps if you’re a virgin.
Jake will play your acoustic guitar, and
Mike’s writing lyrics that will take you real far.
Olivia will compose your tweets,
and Jackie keeps track of all the receipts.
Ulla will post your selfies all day long,
and on YouTube Darryl will promote your song.
Thinking isn’t much of a requirement here.
I hope you didn’t think you were Lennon or Shakespeare.
You don’t have to write or compose;
all you have to do is pose.
Just listen to me, and be sure to stay thin.
Doesn’t take much to be a has-been.
You’ve got just a few years to live it up,
so let’s fix your makeup.
Now’s not the time to be daunted.
My dear, this is everything you ever wanted

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