Wednesday, May 1, 2019


Brian is clinically a sociopath,
but he is also very boring.
He obeys the law, pays his taxes,
and likes to mow his lawn
on Saturday mornings.

His childhood was normal,
Some would call it “ideal.”
He had two parents, two older brothers.
His Uncle Claude spent a long time in prison
for reasons his family did not discuss.

He has a group of friends,
“guys’ guys,”
they drink beer at cookouts
and watch football games together
and don’t have a lot of deep conversations.

He has a girlfriend named Meg
who likes looking after him.
She worries about his cholesterol
and doesn’t think he relates well
to her problems.

So you’d never know
he was a sociopath,
except he loves his job
as a customer service representative
for a debt collection agency.

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