Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Teaser Trailer

In a world…
where leprous armadillos
are actually pretty common
and are a dangerous nuisance,
one woman
dares to poke one with the end of a broom
and after being bit,
is transformed…
into a new kind of superhero,
the hero our world really needs,
if only she would believe it.
on the other side of space,
one man,
who’s not really a man,
because he’s in outer space,
so really more of an alien,
one alien
takes a stand
against an evil empire
with the help of his friends
and a magic stone that has the power
to cause these awesome explosions
but which extracts a terrible price.
back on Earth,
a boy,
very handsome but still bullied,
has his life forever transformed
when he meets an elderly man
with an ancient secret.
A secret that this other man
doesn’t know about
because he’s speaking at the United Nations
about a terrible threat to the planet.
But no one believes him,
and they’ll regret that decision.
Only one woman
on another planet entirely
will have the power
to stop the coming invasion
and the evil within,
but she faces betrayal
and will have to make a significant sacrifice.
All these people are going to be
the ONLY MOVIE you’ll see
this summer.
This is that movie.
It’s not out yet,
but we just want to let you know
in advance.

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