Wednesday, July 3, 2019


Dear Fatigue,
can you just knock it off for a day?
I’ve taken two naps
but have found no refreshment.
I have assignments due next week,
a suitcase to pack,
dogs to walk,
poetry to write.
You throw yourself on top of me
like a down comforter soaked through.
My mind is sluggish,
my words stuck in a molasses river.
My eyes heavy,
my steps slow.
I’ll get there eventually.
I’m hungry,
but the kitchen is all the way over there.
There’s a whole wonderful world outside
and bright sunshine
and blue skies,
but I remain in my cocoon
of dimly lit living rooms and half-sleep.
I’m sick of fighting you all day,
and then when it’s time for bed,
you disappear,
and your brother Anxiety shows up.
Then my heart races
and all my fears dance before my open eyes,
and I scroll mindlessly
through my Facebook timeline and Twitter feed,
absorbing nothing
as the minutes drip away,
and I have less and less time for rest.

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