Wednesday, August 14, 2019


There’s a banana-shaped planet
somewhere out in space.
It’s out there because I say so.
It orbits an oval-shaped sun,
a green striped watermelon, if you will,
and is orbited itself by fifteen
tiny clementine moons.
Its nearest neighbor is flattened at its poles,
like a tomato from the garden.

The ends of the banana
are very, very cold,
icy and dark.
The middle of the banana is a tropical rainforest.
Other parts of the banana are arid deserts,
and some are temperate zones with all four seasons.
It rotates around as it orbits its sun,
So it’s not like there’s one dark part of the banana
that never sees light and warmth.
All the creatures on this planet are well-suited
to the part of the banana on which they live,
whether they are themselves banana-shaped or not.

It’s not more ridiculous
than planets that rain diamonds
(which is true!)
or magnetar stars
that could dissolve your molecular structure.
So somewhere out there
in the vastness of space,
there’s a banana-shaped planet
because I say so.

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