Wednesday, August 7, 2019

The Seagull

Grey wings tipped with black
resting on white body,
standing on spindly pink legs.
Sharp expression in his yellow eyes.
Golden beak open mid-scream,
screaming at you.
He runs at you
surprisingly quickly with tiny steps,
wings flapping.
Suddenly, he is mid-flight
at the level of your eyes,
wings slapping your face repeatedly,
taking your breath away.
His shriek ringing in your ears,
biting your tender flesh
with his toothless beak.
You swat at him ineffectively, your eyes closed,
breathless, your mouth open to scream,
but no sound comes out.
You hear a dog barking in the distance.
A man’s laughter—
is he laughing at you?
The senseless assault continues
until you launch away from your body
the brown paper bag
containing a ham, egg, and cheese bagel sandwich
that you just purchased to go
from a small bakery near your office.
The bird, distracted,
follows your breakfast missile,
and you run,
fast as you can,
in the opposite direction.

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