Wednesday, September 25, 2019


Lacie had only been married for three months
when she suddenly noticed
the way that her husband—
the love of her life, 
the man of her dreams, etc.—
chewed his food.
His jaws working
pulverizing, tearing,
crunching, grinding,
lips smacking,
brief gulp of a swallow,
slurping at the lid of a can,
then the next bite of food
shoveled in
to begin the process
all over again,
his eyes blankly
staring at the television
blaring across the room.
Lacie stood up then
and shouted,
to her spouse’s utter bewilderment,
“Stop! Stop it right now, goddamnit!”
“Wha?” he asked,
wounded puppy voice with a mouth
half full of food.
“Sorry…I’m sorry,” she replied,
eyes cast downward.
“It was nothing…must just be
that time of the month, ha ha!”
He eyed her suspiciously,
then resumed dining,
and Lacie realized then
just how long
happily ever after would be.

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