Wednesday, November 20, 2019


A thick wall of grey clouds lined with black
Ragged fingernails chewed to the quick
A loudly ticking clock in a silent room
Do you smell that? Is something burning?
That girl looks at you from afar and starts laughing.
Your dad is angry; he's shouting and cursing
while you lie awake in your dark bedroom.
The rumbling of thunder in the distance
Stuck in the middle of the intersection when the light turns red,
a chorus of angry horns blaring behind you
Your dog sneaks up behind you and suddenly barks
A slamming sound in your house when you’re alone at night
Your boss wants to know if the project is finished,
but you forgot to do it; you never started it.
A phone call at two in the morning
A blood test for a life-threatening illness:
we’ll have your results in about a week to ten days.
The squealing of a dentist’s drill
The feeling of falling in your dreams,
then opening your eyes, realizing it’s too late.
You missed it.

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