Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Shaky Verb Tenses

My future self will travel to the past,
about three years before now,
so that I could leave myself a note,
that I would only find just today.
It reads,
“It all depends on this.
Leave that Pomeranian alone.”
But my future self will miscalculate
the date when this fatal encounter would occur
and had given it to me two years too early.
At the appropriate time the confusing message
will be disregarded and forgotten.
The disturbed Pomeranian
will exact its revenge upon me,
leading to a domino-effect catastrophe
that will overthrow the U.S. government
and decimate the city of Omaha, Nebraska.
My future self, 
ten years after the apocalypse,
will realize that nothing had changed,
and my plan had failed
and wondered if perhaps 
I had planted the seeds of destruction
in the note I had hastily written to my past self.
I will then decide that the past is inevitable,
(or is it the future that is inevitable?)
and to live more meaningfully 
in the smoldering ruins of the present.
The traffic won’t be so bad then, after all,
and wooly mammoths will have made a real comeback.

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