Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Train of Thought

Did you hear about that guy
who was murdered by like five Canadian geese?
If he was thinking that swan would save him,
he was sorely mistaken.
Honestly, I thought he had it coming,
but I digress…
my car’s been making these strange noises lately,
kind of like an exhausted shudder
or sometimes a low, menacing growl.
I might need to replace my rear struts,
but it could also be possessed by the devil,
which reminds me…
some woman was eating sushi
that was poorly prepared or had gone off
and her tongue and cheeks gave birth
to fifteen baby squids.
It was an unpleasant surprise for her,
but she’s making the best of it.
She’s named them and is decorating their tank.
But what I was saying?
I got to the ending of that poem,
and it was really unsatisfying.

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