Thursday, January 2, 2020

Ready to Go

The shampoo with the herbs and botanicals,
smells like peppermint and rosemary.
Next the volumizing conditioner, paraben-free.
The citrus-scented body wash,
the vanilla-and-honey-scented moisturizing bar,
the Brazilian body lotion with guarana,
the facial moisturizer, SPF 15,
the eye cream to reduce fine lines,
the lip balm,
the liquid foundation,
the bronzer,
the copper-colored eye shadow,
the brown kohl eyeliner,
the black mascara, clumping a little,
the eyebrow pencil,
the rose-colored liquid lip color,
the vanilla-scented body spray,
the coconut-scented deodorant,
the hand cream,
the cuticle oil.
Forget I’m wearing eye makeup,
rub my left eye,
shimmery copper powder and flecks of black
on my right index finger.
I have another clear, unflavored lip balm in my purse,
just something cheap from the drug store,
along with a tinted lip balm described as “Berry”
and a matte rose-colored lip paint, slightly darker
than what I’m currently wearing,
and a small eye shadow palette,
champagne and bronze,
that honestly I forgot I had put in there.

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