Thursday, January 2, 2020

Taco Tuesday

I drop the package
of crispy yellow taco shells
on the kitchen floor.
Stand ‘N Stuff
cracked in half,
no more standing,
no more stuffing,
unless you’re good at building
houses of cards.
I’ve already chopped the onion, though,
and the cilantro,
so I have to carry on.
I find a few shells unscathed
and heat them in the oven
on the blackened cookie sheet.
Ground turkey sizzling in a frying pan,
break it up with an old wooden spoon.
Add four tablespoons of no-salt taco seasonings.
The black refried beans drop can-shaped
into the green saucepan,
the one we’ve had since college.
The frozen corn rotates slowly
inside the humming microwave.
A little squeeze of lime juice,
a sprinkle of cheese,
take my chipped dinner plate to the couch.
Tilt my head sideways to take a bite,
one eye on the television,
one eye on the hungry hounds sitting before me.

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