Wednesday, June 10, 2020


An amber eye against leathery matte black scales
opens halfway and then closes again.
The slight movement of a long tail
sends gold coins tumbling down
a mountain of riches.
Slow stretching of lazy feet,
admiring the claws as long and sharp
and deadly as teeth.
A golden sunbeam shining down into the den
warms the spiny back,
and the only sound besides a satisfied sigh
is a gentle breeze,
a welcome visitor from outside.
Then suddenly,
a crunching sound
on the hillside leading to the den,
the clanking of the silver armor
covering the tiny morsel inside.
The eye opens again, wide at first,
but then narrowed in annoyance.
Another greedy invader
with murderous intent,
who will soon become another
pile of bones to add to the collection.
The fire within the breast
ignites and smolders.

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