Wednesday, June 17, 2020

The Scientist

Do you want to find the door?
It’s above, below, around, and beyond you.
It’s always open.
I have been there,
outside the spectrum of your imagination,
where the universe is sketched by lost arts.
Hydrodynamics and quantum tectonics,
chemical philosophy and inert alchemy,
ideological absorption and biological refraction,
theoretical topography and genetic combustion.
Laws outside of physical laws,
endless solutions on offer but no questions.
Gravity looks pretty different there.
The sun beams black,
the grass and soil melt into puddles beneath your feet,
the clouds weep diamonds that shatter on your skin.
There are creatures there too,
sleek, white, blind.
Fast, much faster than you.
They have countless teeth but no voice.
They follow you back here,
but you’ll only see them when you close your eyes.

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